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This compact gift box contains a trio of Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs. The first is the classic Chocolate Cream Liqueur – a blend of Belgian chocolate, fresh cream and Madagascan vanilla. The second is the Dark Chocolate Liqueur – crafted from smoky and bittersweet 87% dark chocolate, vanilla and rich caramel, it plays very well with Tequila in cocktails. And finally, completing the spectrum of chocolates, there’s the White Chocolate Vanilla Liqueur – a velvety drop that’s much lower in fat and alcohol than most Irish Creams. This gift pack offers an introduction to the Mozart range and a perfect way to discover which your favourite is. 

Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart and home to probably the finest chocolate liqueurs on the planet. Crafted from natural raw ingredients – the basics being simply cocoa, sugar and vanilla – these can be sipped neat alongside chocolate desserts, mixed into liqueurs or drizzled over ice cream.


Mozart Liqueur Trio gift set


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