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When people ask me... what hobbies do you have, what are you passionate about? I have always joked, making and drinking cocktails! But thinking about it, it's true!


Short of including it on my CV, seeking the perfect cocktail has become somewhat of a mission and part time profession for me. Now it's become reality, and being able to put my passion into an actual business has been of the most exciting times of my professional career to date. And absolutely thrilled to share my passion with you all!


I've been so lucky to be able to travel to all corners of the world in my short time on this planet, the first thing I research is the hottest cocktail spot.


Mixology IS an artform, which second to music has always been my art of choice, watching them create their own little piece of art in the glass shaped canvas is mesmerising. And whats more I can now share this fascination with you all.


So when a friend of mine, started a company sending out cocktail gift boxes, I thought what better than to combine my passion with a great business idea. Carrie has now handed the 'baton' otherwise known as HOME COCKTAILS to me in the knowledge that it's in safe hands. I'm sure you will agree that she has done such an incredible job in building such an impressive platform for everyone to enjoy cocktails in the comfort of their own home, especially with the restrictions that lockdown

created for all of us, but I am very excited to continue this journey, sharing the classics as well as the creative cocktails you all know and love.


Watch this space 


Charelle x


About Bristol’s Best Cocktail Gift Company

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