The 1980’s wasn’t great for cocktail culture but a few are certainly some of our guilty pleasures here at Home Cocktails. From Del Boys drink of choice and that classic Rupert Holmes song the Pina Colada, to neon colours like the old school Blue Lagoon to the classic mix of Peach Schnapps with fruit juices that usually has a name with plenty of sexual innuendo. They might be old school but sometimes the classics are the best and certainly fun if nothing else!
Blue Lagoon, Pina Colada & Woo Woo
(6 servings, each cocktail 2 servings)
2 x 5cl Coconut Rum
1 x 425g Tin of Coco Lopez
2 x 5cl Vodka
1 x 5cl Peach Schnapps
1 Mini Bottle of Orange Bitters
2 x 5cl Vodka
1 x 5cl Blue Curacao Liqueur
1 x Lemonade
1 x 200 ml Pineapple Juice
1 x 200 ml Cranberry Juice
2 x coconut cups

80’s Retro Box


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