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When you think of cocktails you normally think of blue seas, white sand and desert islands. You might not be in paradise or on a desert island but these cocktails are the next best thing. The classic tropical flavours of rum, coconut and fruit will taste just like your holiday favourites. We’ve even provided the coconut cups for maximum effect! I mean it’s not a tropical cocktail if its not served out of a coconut cup! 


Pina Colada, June Bug & Blue Hawaiian 

(6 servings, each cocktail 2 servings)




2 x Coconut Cups

2 x 5cl Coconut Rum

1 x 425g Tin of Coco Lopez

2 x 5cl Bacardi

1 x 5cl Blue Curacao Liqueur

2 x 5cl Coconut Rum

1 x 5cl Melon Liqueur

1 x Banana Liqueur 

3 x 200 ml Pineapple Juice

1 x 200 ml Orange Juice

Tropical Box


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