3 cocktails of Strawberry & Rhubarb Cosmo, Lemon Meringue & Garden PartyAll our cocktails make 2 servings each so this box will make 6 cocktails in total. Each box also comes will full easy to follow step by step instructions. Includes1 x Cocktail Shaker2 x Martini Glasses1 x 78g box of Milk Tray Chocolates1 x Bag of 4 Wax Melts by Fox & Co1 x Home Cocktails Tea Towel2 x 5cl Smirnoff Vodka1 x 5cl Lemoncelo2 x Mini Jars of Lemon Curd2 x 5cl Rhubarb Vodka1 x 5cl Rhubarb Liqueur1 x 5cl Strawberry Syrup1 x 200ml Cranberry Juice2 x 5cl Chase Rhubarb and Bramley Apple Gin1 x 5cl Sugar Syrup1 x 200ml Apple Juice

Mother’s Day Box