Local Cocktail Kits

This is how it all began for Home Cocktails. What started out as a little service for friends and family continued to grow to where we are today. We still offer this service 7 days a week and its one of our most popular services. However we can only provide this specific service to people local to Bristol. For anything outside the Bristol area the only option is full gifting boxes with no perishables provided and delivered by courier. 

A standard £25 deposit is required per kit/box. This is fully refundable once the kit is collected and everything is returned as you effectively hire the kits from us. This service relies on everything being returned hence we charge a deposit to make sure this happens. It’s keeps the costs down to keep this service affordable and also keeps single use plastic to a minimum. 

Home Made Kit 2.jpg

Our Most Popular Kits

2 Cocktails
( 4 Servings )

( £7.50 /cocktail )

3 Cocktails
( 6 Servings )

( £6.60 /cocktail )

4 Cocktails
( 8 Servings )

( £6.25 /cocktail )


Each additional cocktail choice over 5 will be £10 each.

Delivery Fees


Our delivery fees include collection of the kits not just the delivery of the cocktails. We do 2 trips and these fees cover the fuel costs for our team of delivery drivers. Due to very limited access and parking we do not offer a collection service. 


0-5 miles from our BS30 base £5

5-10 miles from our BS30 base £10

10-15 miles from our BS30 base £20


Anything further than 15 miles please make an enquiry. 



All our LOCAL cocktail kits come with all fresh ingredients/garnishes and ice. This is the only service where fresh items are provided. No perishables are included with the gifting boxes. Glassware and full cocktail kit is also provided which is hired from us and returned for collection the following day. We then return the deposit once everything is allocated. This service operates on a refill system so everything needs to be returned. We only use quality branded spirits and liqueurs and thats part of the reason the cocktails taste so good! However If you require new/sealed products order the gifting sets via the website. Gifting sets do not include any perishables so all fresh ingredients need to be supplied if you choose to opt for the gifting boxes. These local kits are designed for local deliveries only so anything over 10 miles it is cheaper to purchase the gift sets and pay for them to be sent via courier and provide your own fresh items. 


We also operate a challenge 25 policy. You may be asked to produce ID at the point of booking. Please make sure someone over the age of 18 is home to accept the delivery. We will only deliver the cocktails to the intended recipient who must be over 18 and again we make ask for ID. We are fully licensed for alcohol deliveries.